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Installation Prices:

   1 panel = £96.   2 to 4 panels = £55 /panel.   5 or 6 panels = £45 /panel.   7+ = £40 /panel.   Commercial quotes on request.

Lap Panel

Lap Panel

Price: £26.00–£33.50

Select your height of panel required from 3ft to 6ft.

Product Description

Free-DeliveryA Lap Panel is a 6ft wide wooden panel used to fit with Concrete Posts and Gravel Boards, or between Wooden Posts.

Lap Panels are a excellent value and give a pleasing appearance from both sides.

Tip: Use with Concrete Gravel Boards to keep them off the ground and extend the service life.


  • 6ft (183cm) wide
  • Dip treated
  • Fully framed
  • 3 vertical supports on face and 5 on vertical supports on rear
  • Wide Battens at top and bottom give a very strong panel
  • Brown treated for longer service life
  • All materials come from FSC Chain of Custody certified sources

Heights and Prices

Height 3ft (91cm) 4ft (122cm) 5ft (152cm) 5ft 6in (168cm) 6ft (183cm)
Price £26.00 £28.00 £30.00 £32.50 £33.50

Delivery and Free Delivery

Free Delivery is given for all orders over £300.  We deliver to areas shown on the map below.

  • Orders over £300 will receive FREE DELIVERY.
  • Orders under £300 is a Flat Rate of £30 for delivery.
  • All deliveries are made within 5 working days.
  • We will call you to arrange delivery.

We deliver to the following areas, inside the highlighted circle:-

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Product Images

Lap Panels

Lap Panels


Lap Panels in situ

Lap Panels in situ with Concrete Slotted Posts