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Installation Prices:

   1 panel = £96.   2 to 4 panels = £55 /panel.   5 or 6 panels = £45 /panel.   7+ = £40 /panel.   Commercial quotes on request.

Fence Installation in Arlesey

If you’re looking for fence installation in Arlesey we can help as we’re just fifteen minutes away and have completed many jobs in Arlesey over the last ten years plus.

Please complete the free quick form above and we’ll call you back to see how we can help.

Here’s the average cost of fencing per metre in the UK in 2024 at a glance…

Average Cost of Fencing per Metre = £49.86 (materials only)

Average Cost of Fencing per Metre = £71.13 (with installation)

Fence Installation in Arlesey

Image: Fence Installation in Arlesey

Fence Installation in Arlesey: How It Works

Please complete the quick form above or give us a call on . We will then arrange to visit you at your home and complete a full survey of the intended project.

Unless you’re specifically looking for a ‘Supply Only’ service then we will provide the materials and the labour to install your new fencing.

If you wish we will also remove and professionally dispose of your old fence wood and the old concrete footings.

Fence Installation in Arlesey: Which Fence Panels?

We will help you decide which type of fence panel is best for you and how high you want your fence to be. This will determine how much will the panels themselves cost.

Which Type of Fence Panel Should You Choose?

You can choose between Closeboard Fence Panels or Lap Fence Panels.

Closeboard Panels are the ones with vertical slats. Lap Panels have horizontal slats.

Around 80% of our customers choose Closeboard Panels, and so this is the default option on our Price Calculator.

Of course, it’s entirely up to you which fence panel type you prefer.

How High Do You Want Your Fence to Be?

Once you know how high your fence is going to be you can choose a combination of fence panel and gravel board that adds up to that height.

What are Gravel Boards?

Gravel Boards are 6 inch or 12 inch protective boards which sit underneath the fence panels to prevent the wooden fence panel itself from having to be in contact with the soil.

In effect, Gravel Boards increase the fence’s ability to last. Concrete gravel boards are typically the favoured choice for this.

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