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Installation Prices:

   1 panel = £96.   2 to 4 panels = £55 /panel.   5 or 6 panels = £45 /panel.   7+ = £40 /panel.   Commercial quotes on request.

Fence Installation in Shefford

Are you looking for fence installation in Shefford? We can help with a professional service of five star reviews and ten years of delighted customers.

We’re Fence Installers and we’re based in Biggleswade, so just down the road from you. Please complete the free quick form above and we’ll give you a call back.

Alternatively, you can call us now on 07769 176 946. We work right across the county of Bedfordshire and our three teams are ready to help.

Average Cost of Fencing per Metre = £49.86 (materials only)

Average Cost of Fencing per Metre = £71.13 (with installation)

Fence Installation in Shefford: What’s The Process?

The process is very simple;

  1. We come to your home and complete a full assessment
  2. Following this we’ll then give you a formal quote
  3. And then complete the work, providing all materials, and, if you wish, removing the old fence remains

Fence Installation in Shefford

Image: Fence Installation in Shefford.

Fence Installation in Shefford: Average Cost of Fencing

If you’re looking for installation as well as materials – and let’s face it, most people are, here’s what’s included.

First thing is for you to choose the type of fence panel you want. 80% of our customers opt for the Closeboard Fence Panels with the vertical slats. They are pressure treated for added strength and protection.

You might instead prefer the horizontal Lap Panels.

Then, once we’ve worked out the height of fence you want, we can advise you on Gravel Boards. Gravel Boards are the foot high or six inch high protectors that the fence sits on. Typically, people prefer Concrete Gravel Boards to Wooden Gravel Boards due to the greater durability and protection, but it also depends what look you’re after.

Removal and Disposal

If you wish, we will remove and dispose of your old fence. This is £8 per bay.

What’s a ‘bay’? A bay is one post and one panel plus the old concrete footings.

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