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Installation Prices:

   1 panel = £96.   2 to 4 panels = £55 /panel.   5 or 6 panels = £45 /panel.   7+ = £40 /panel.   Commercial quotes on request.

We Supply and Fit Fencing Near You (UK-based)

“Can you supply and fit fencing near me?”

If you’re in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire or Milton Keynes and parts of Buckinghamshire then we supply and fit fencing near you – and have done so in the region for more than ten years!

You can use the Quick Enquiry Form above – it’s free – to have us call you back and arrange to visit you to measure and quote the fence installation you want doing.

We supply the materials and provide the skilled labour to fit the fencing for you as part of the service we provide. We can also remove the old fencing if you require.

We supply and fit fencing near you!

Prices to Supply and Fit Fencing Near You

Here are our advertised prices for supplying and fitting fencing.

The first thing to decide is what type of fence panel you want; Closeboard Fence Panels are the more popular choice, with about 20% of customers opting for Lap Fence Panels instead.

Closeboard Panels have vertical slats, whereas the slats on Lap Panels are horizontal.

Closeboard Fence Panels: Heights and Prices

Supply and Fit Fencing of Closeboard Panels

Closeboard Panels are among the strongest panels money can buy.  They are also heavy.

Prices for Closeboard fence panels are as follows:

Height 3ft (91cm) 4ft (122cm) 5ft (152cm) 5ft 6in (168cm) 6ft (183cm)
Price £38.50 £42.50 £46.00 £47.50 £49.00

Lap Panels: Heights and Prices

Lap Panels Heights and PricesLap Panels are excellent value and give a pleasing appearance from both sides.

Prices for Lap fence panels are as follows:

Height 3ft (91cm) 4ft (122cm) 5ft (152cm) 5ft 6in (168cm) 6ft (183cm)
Price £28.00 £30.00 £32.50 £35.50 £35.50

Gravel Boards: Heights and Prices

You also need to decide whether you want Gravel Boards.

A Gravel Board sits underneath the fence panel to protect the wood of the panel from being in contact with the ground/soil, thus Gravel Boards help mitigate against rotting and increase the fence’s life span.

Concrete Gravel Boards are the most durable option. They can be either 6 inches or 12 inches high.

Height 6in (150mm) 12in (300mm)
Price £13.50 £20.50

Then you also want to decide upon the height of the fence you want. Of course, the Gravel Board height makes up part of the total, so if you want a six foot fence and already have 12 inch Gravel Boards, you want a five foot fence panel to give you a fence that is six foot high in all.

Concrete Slotted Fence Posts

Concrete Slotted Posts remove the need for nails, fixings and brackets.

Height 6ft (183cm) 7ft (213cm) 8ft (244cm) 9ft (274cm)
Price £20.00 £20.50 £21.50 £25.50

Concrete Bags

Fence installation requires 1.5 bags of Rapid Set Concrete per bay, or 2 bags for holes over 2 feet deep. Each bag is priced £7.50.

Removal and Disposal

If you wish, we’ll also remove and professionally dispose of your old fence. This optional service is £8 per bay. A bay is considered to be one post and one panel plus the old concrete footings.

Prices to Fit Fencing (Installation)

Due to economies of scale, it’s obviously more cost effective to install at least seven panels on one project, and so our installation (fitting) prices reflect this.

Depending on how many panels you require our installation prices are;

  • £96 for 1 panel
  • £55 per panel for 2, 3 or 4 panels
  • £45 per panel for 5 or 6 panels
  • £40 per panel for 7 or more panels

“Supply and fit fence panels near me”

Here are some of the towns where we have provided a service to supply and fit fence panels near you…